In a candidate-driven market, it can be difficult to attract and retain the best employees. You are going to have to offer them something they can’t get elsewhere. This often includes access to some of the best benefits, compensation, and unique perks in the market. How well is your company doing with offering the right perks to your temporary employees? If you are not sure, then you may want to read further to find out what the preferred benefits are for today’s temporary workforce.

According to most recent reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only around half of all small businesses offer health insurance benefits, but this number is growing as a result of health care reform laws. When it comes to other non-required benefits like life insurance, retirement, and voluntary benefit plans, only about half of all companies offer these perks. Outside of insurance, companies can do much to add low cost perks to retain their best workers, including temp employees.

Ideas for Adding the Right Perks for Temp Workers

Using a temporary workforce can create unique challenges for employers. Why? Because temporary employees often do not qualify for other standard benefit and compensation programs that full time permanent employees get. Therefore it takes some creative planning to provide perks for temp workers. Here are some ideas.

Free Meals and Beverages – Every employee enjoys a good meal, refreshing beverages, and access to healthy snacks while on the job. An easy way to provide perks for your temporary workers is to offer free meals, free or low-cost beverages, and unlimited snacks in the company break room. In this way all employees can enjoys their work without worrying where their next meal is coming from.

Corporate Discounts – There’s a good chance that your organization has a network of vendors, local businesses, and entertainment venues in your region. Why not take advantage of these relationships by creating a corporate discount program that all temporary and regular employees can benefit from?

Onsite Training – One of the best perks for temporary workers is the ability to learn new skills that will translate to more permanent placement at your company and in future jobs. A valuable perk is to offer on-site training and educational support which also benefits your company because you are temporary labor is more skilled than your competitors’.

Voluntary Benefits – While you may not be required to provide health insurance to your temporary workers (this is often covered by the temp agency) you can give your temporary employees access to affordable voluntary benefit programs at group rates. These can include dental, vision, life, and savings plans that will help them manage their finances and health better.

Performance Bonuses – An excellent way to retain your best temporary workers is to provide an end of contract performance bonus. This motivates temporary workers to stay on board and perform according to your standards throughout the full terms of their time with your company.

Early Contract Buyout – Nearly all temporary workers look forward to the opportunity to come work for you full-time. An attractive incentive is to offer to buy out their contract sooner than the end date based on their performance in the job. You can talk to your staffing agent to learn more about this opportunity.

By offering more perks to your temporary workers, you are likely to retain high performance employees and establish a great long-term relationship with your temporary staffing agency in Jackson MS.

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