Does your resume need some spring cleaning? Do you need to write a brand-new resume? Have you never written a resume? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this post will help you revamp or create your resume – while avoiding words and phrases that should never be included.

Read on to learn the most-common phrases and components that actually hurt your resume, and what to leave off of it altogether.

References Available Upon Request

One of the most common phrases found on resumes, which no longer belongs on resumes, is that of ‘references available upon request.’ This is not only a waste of space, but it also does not bring anything additional to the resume. The interviewer knows that if they ask you for references, you will be able to provide them – it’s an expected portion of the interview process.

This phrase does not help you land a job, nor does it help you get an interview. All it does is fill space that could be used with other pertinent information about your career or skills.


Even though it was common to put an objective at the top of a resume in the past, this is no longer the case. Why? The answer is simple; it is the objective of every candidate to get the job, bottom line.

Putting an objective statement on a resume is yet another waste of space that does not add anything to your efforts in impressing potential employers. Employers prefer to see the skills and experience of the candidate, not what their goal is for creating the resume.

Empty Claims

Job candidates must avoid making empty claims on their resume. An empty claim is one that is written down, but has no information added to support the claim. For example, if a job candidate were to write that they are an inspirational leader, but give no examples of leadership roles or tasks in their professional lives, this becomes an empty claim. When they fail to explain how they are an inspirational leader, or show an example of it, they are making an empty claim on their resume. Again, this is taking up space and not adding any extra value to the resume.

Responsible For

Employers no longer want to see resumes that waste space using the words “responsible for” under each job listed. Many times, the candidate will list common skills that almost every candidate will have. Instead, remove this phrase from your resume entirely and figure out what to do with the available space so you add more value to the resume.


Never, ever put the word “love” on your resume. Ever. If this word is on your resume, remove it immediately. Many candidates will put this word in a sentence or two that says they would love to work for x or y company. You love a child, a spouse or a family member. You never need to use the word love on a resume. It isn’t professional, and it just doesn’t belong.

If you need help with spotting these words on your resume or just want to revamp an older resume, work with your staffing manager at TempStaff or consult with one of our qualified career coaches or resume writers today.

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