Light industrial workers have certain expectations in terms of compensation and benefits. This is a job that requires a lot of skill and training, so workers will want to be fairly compensated for their efforts. Sometimes, employers miss the mark, which results in poor recruitment and retention results. Here, we will discuss what it is light industrial workers expect from their employers so that your company can attract the best workforce.

Competitive Salary

One of the most important expectations from light industrial workers is a competitive salary. They want to be offered salary that will allow them to life a comfortable life. Light industrial workers will want their salary to reflect their experience in the field and how well they perform on the job. According to, light industrial jobs in MS should be paying at least $25,614 annually, with top tier jobs paying $34,000 per year. Light manufacturing jobs range from entry-level assembly positions to manufacturing management roles, so salary is based on years of service, certifications, and skills.

A Safe Work Environment

An important expectation light industrial workers have of their employers is that they are provided a safe work environment. When working in the lighting industry, things can get shaky if the work environment is not safe. Workers can get hurt easily. Employers need to offer their employees a safe environment throughout the year. This includes posting warning signs and safety posters throughout the office. It also includes offering safety training and programs.

Recognition for a Job Well Done

Workers in the light industry also want to be recognized for a job well done by their employers. A nice salary goes a long way, but when your accomplishments are not recognized, it can lead to unhappy employees. This is why employers must put together a rewards program for their employees. Whether email blasts are sent, awards are handed out or recognition is given at company meetings; employees must be recognized for their work.

Open Communication

Light industrial workers in MS also expect their employers to provide open communication. Communication is the key to a successful workplace and business, which is why it is important for employees these days. They want to know how well the company is doing, if their job is safe and where the company is headed.


Respect should be at the top of the list for light industrial workers, but it is still important. Employers must respect their employees if they want them to hang around for the long haul and if they want them to return respect to management. Employers must remember that respect is never one sided. It is also not written about in the employee handbook. This means it can be difficult for both sides to determine when respect is not happening.

Areas for Advancement

Light industrial workers also expect their employers to provide them with areas for advancement. Whether this includes training programs, reimbursement for tuition, or promotions; employees want to know the employer values them and wants them to succeed at the company.

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