Writing a resume has become a bit of an acquired skill over the last decade or so, with all of the changes made to how they can look.  But, when it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit! For some professions, creative resumes are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. For other professions, only the most plain resume templates should be used by job seekers.

Here, we will discuss why it is ok to be a little creative on your resume — no matter the industry in which you work.

Stand Out from the Pack

An easy way to stand out from the pack when applying for jobs is by being a little bit creative on your resume. The most generic resumes, no matter the level of experience on them, might not get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. These professionals are incredibly busy, which means they need to scan resumes in a quick manner before moving on to other ones.

Showcase Your Creative Side

Even if the job for which you are applying does not require creativity, some companies will want to see what their potential employers can do when handed a project. Can they think on their feet? Can they add some flare to the project that impresses the client? Job seekers can answer these questions without saying a word if they use a little creativity when writing their next resume.

Be an Original

When you use a little creativity when writing a resume, you can be as original as you would like. This means that you can do something that has never been done before with resumes depending on the job for which you are applying. Originality can be a major deciding factor for employers looking to bring in fresh talent, which is why you need to be as original as possible the next time you write a resume.

Display Ability to Think Outside the Box

Creativity on a resume not only shows employers what you can do when you put your mind to work, but it also shows the employers how you can think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is a key aspect of succeeding in the business world today because new ideas are what makes companies thrive. Employees who can think outside the box will be chosen for open jobs over those who cannot, and being creative on a resume can display this skill.

Not Afraid of Change

Another benefit of being creative on your resume is that it shows potential employers that you are not afraid of change. Many job seekers will stick to the traditional resume format and layout, never going against the grain. Companies want employees who can adapt to change at a moment’s notice, and being creative on a resume can show just that.

Being creative on a resume depends on the type of job for which you are applying, but subtle changes can make all the difference when looking for a job.

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