As an employer, it is important for you to know what today’s job seekers are looking for when it comes to a new job or their first job out of college. Companies cannot just blindly offer candidates employment without knowing what it is they are looking for from potential employers. Below, we will discuss what it is that today’s job seekers want from their employers.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the most important things job seekers want in today’s market is flexible scheduling. Employees do not want to be stuck at work for 50 or more hours per week. They want to have a life outside of the office with their family and friends. Flexible scheduling is an excellent way to help employees get work done outside of the office for their family and household. It can also lead to them working only four days per week instead of five, but staying for longer hours each workday.

Opportunity to Continue Their Education

Today’s job seekers also want an opportunity to continue their education while at work. Whether this is by attending training courses provided by the employer, enrolling in college classes at a local university or attending industry conferences; employees want to continue their education as much as possible. They also want to be backed by their employer and know that the company will invest in their education at the same time.

Opportunities to Advance

Job seekers in today’s market are also looking for opportunities to advance at their place of employment. Employees do not want to be stuck in the same job for five or more years. They want to climb the corporate ladder at their company as quickly as possible so they can continue to succeed in their career and impress their employer.

Paid Vacation Time

Candidates want paid vacation time on top of all the other benefits and perks from the company that hires them. Paid vacation time is very important because it allows employees the opportunity to leave work for a week or two and spend time with their family and friends without worrying about not getting paid. Employees also want paid vacation time that increases over their length of employment with the company.

Ability to Telecommute

When employees are given the opportunity to telecommute, it makes them happier and even more productive than when they are in the office. Companies are beginning to offer telecommuting for certain employees these days, where employees can work from home once or twice per week so long as they continue to meet deadlines.

Regular Appreciation

Last, but not least, today’s job seekers are looking for appreciation from their employers. They want to know that they have done a good job on a project and that their work is appreciated. This can come in the form of a company award, a blast email thanking the employee for their hard work or a simple thank you in the office.

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