Preparing for an interview comes in different stages. You must first do a little research about the company so you can impress the interviewer with your answers. Then, you need to prepare yourself physically for the interview. There are some common misconceptions about physical appearance for job interviews that we will address here.

A Few Common Misconceptions

We will begin the discussion with the common misconceptions associated with appearance of job candidates during interviews. One of the first common misconceptions is that of having tattoos and what to do with them during a job interview. There is nothing wrong with having a tattoo or tattoos, but you should do your best to cover them for the interview. There are some industries that require you to cover all of your body ink, one of which is the education sector, if hired as a teacher, counselor or tutor.

Another common misconception is that candidates should not wear too much jewelry. This goes for both men and women. Does it matter how much jewelry the candidate wears during the interview? Some interviewers will have trouble overlooking too much jewelry, while others will not even give it a second thought. What really matters is how well the candidate handles him or herself during the interview and what type of qualifications they hold.

How to Properly Dress for a Job Interview

No matter how you look, you still need to dress professionally for a job interview. The outfit you wear depends on the job for which you are applying.

For men, the following attire is appropriate for a job interview:

  • A suit, with a tie, that has been pressed or dry-cleaned recently. Do not wear any clothes that are wrinkled or stained.
  • Dress shoes and a belt that match. Make sure the shoes are not scuffed. Dress socks that go above your ankles.
  • Make sure you are clean shaven, but you do not have to completely shave off your beard or goatee. Just make sure that it is neat and clean.
  • Refrain from wearing aftershave.
  • Also, make sure you have a fresh haircut or neat hairstyle for the interview.

For women, the following attire is appropriate for a job interview:

  • Women should never wear anything revealing. Stick to a formal dress- or pants-suit that has also been pressed or dry-cleaned recently. Avoid wearing clothes with wrinkles or stains.
  • Refrain from wearing perfume.
  • The outfit should include solid colors that flatter the tone of your skin. Avoid clothing with busy designs or prints.
  • Wear makeup, but not too much. Avoid bright colored eyeshadow and lipstick.

The bottom line here is that even though interviewers should not care about what you look like; professional appearance is still important. You will ultimately represent the company in public in front of clients and potential customers, so you need to look your best.

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