With a whole new host of job candidates in the job market following December graduations, companies have begun looking for top talent to fill open positions now. But, how can these companies make sure they are hiring the best new graduates since most of them come with no professional experience aside from an internship or two?

We will discuss the best ways to hire the best new graduates in this week’s article.

Attend Career Fairs and College Events

An excellent way to hire the best new grads is to attend career fairs and college events in order to get your company on the radar of potential employees. Another excellent option is to reach out to individual college career centers and let them know what type of job you are hiring for and who it is you are looking to hire. The career center will then be able to send out job notices to targeted students who are set to graduate soon or alumni who recently graduated so they can apply for your open jobs.

Sell the Company, Not the Job

The second process to hiring the best new graduates is to sell the company, not the job. The reason for this is that the job for which you are hiring might not be too exciting, even for someone right out of college who is actively looking. Because of this, you need to sell the company, it’s unique culture, and all it has to offer potential employees. If your company has a goal of changing how the industry operates, sell this to the candidate. Use this when hiring through temp staffing agencies in Jackson MS too.

Emphasize Impact Candidate Will Have

Another good idea is to emphasize the impact the candidate will have if hired by the company, even in a temporary assignment. Let the candidate know he or she will not be stuck with remedial tasks, for an entry-level job. Also let them know that they will acquire hands-on learning at the company and will be able to make a difference at the company right off the bat. These factors are important to today’s new college grads.

Explain Career Growth Opportunities

Candidates right out of college worry about hitting the ceiling when accepting employment with a small firm. Let them know that this is not the case at your company. Explain the career growth opportunities that will be available to them if they accept a job offer from your company. This includes letting them know what training courses are available at the company and if there are plans to expand in the near future.

As an employer, the best way to attract the best new graduates to your company is by selling the company as a whole when they are looking for jobs. You cannot rely on your company’s reputation, strong job titles or excellent benefit packages to get the job done. The more you sell the company, the better off you will be in acquiring top talent.

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