Whether or not you are employed, you might have started the long and ardous task of searching for a new job in 2014. Even if you just started the search, maybe you slacked off a bit. There could have been good reasons for this lack of motivation, such as:

  • Not finding a lot of great job leads in Jackson MS
  • Getting busy with the 2014 holiday seasons
  • Deciding to put off a new job until the New Year

If you did slack off a little on your job search, do not worry — we have some excellent tips for you in order to be more productive and land a better job in 2015.

Get Organized

One of the first things you must do when beginning a job search after a lazy year is get organized. This includes cleaning up your home office, your files and making sure that your application documents are updated. To stay organized during a job search, you need to create a notebook or spreadsheet of all the jobs for which you have applied. This will prevent you from sending multiple applications to the same company.

Create an Application Checklist

As you apply for job after job, the application process can become mindnumbing. Maybe this is why you slacked off in 2014. When the process becomes repetitive, it can cause you to make tiny mistakes, such as entering the wrong phone number or email address. Create a checklist that you reference when applying for jobs so you submit all of the correct information.

Use a Job Search Coach

If you struggled with staying on track in 2014, and seem to be missing out on great jobs so far in 2015, consider working with a job search coach. A job search coach will help you craft strong cover letters, update your resume and let you in on some industry secrets when it comes to finding a job. They will also know what it is employers are looking for in candidates.

Create a Video

Another excellent idea is to create a video about yourself that can be posted to your LinkedIn profile. The video should discuss your work experience, highlight accomplishments and even talk about a problem solved in your career. Make sure the video is short, but sweet, no longer than two and a half minutes or you will bore those who watch it.

Learn From Mistakes

Make it a point to learn from your mistakes that occurred in 2014 when searching for a job in 2015. Try to sit down and look at what went wrong in your job search from last year and make sure those mistakes do not happen again in 2015.

Follow Up

If you are worried that following up will cause you to lose out on a job, you are mistaken. So long as you do not pester a company or hiring manager, there is nothing wrong with following up after sending in a job application.

After falling short in your job search last year, it is imperative that you follow the tips outlined above and get registered with a Staffing Agency in MS to make 2015 a successful year for finding a new job.

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