The holiday season is one of the most difficult for companies in terms of filling schedules and making sure there are enough employees in the office each day. But, in an effort to make employees happy and more productive, it might be a good idea to provide them with flexible holiday hours. We will discuss the benefits of idea in this post.

Employees Know They are Appreciated

There are companies out there that offer their employees all kinds of benefits throughout the year, but when the holidays roll around, they tighten their schedules in order to keep as many employees in the office as possible.

When companies provide their employees with flexible holiday hours, they let the employees know how much they are appreciated. It also lets the employees know that their lives outside of work are just as important as their lives in the office.

Employees Prone to Work Harder

When your employees know that they will be privy to a flexible holiday schedule, they will be more inclined to work harder. They will want to do everything possible to get their work done on-time and with high quality so they are rewarded with the flexible schedule.

Your employees will also do their best to have all of their work done prior to leaving the office the final day before the long weekend or for their holiday vacation. This means you will not have projects hanging over your company’s head waiting to be completed when employees return.

Employees Become More Loyal

Companies that offer their employees flexible holiday hours will find that those employees become more loyal. A happy workforce is a loyal one, which means that you will not have high turnover rates and will not constantly be seeking out new employees for open positions. Loyalty becomes stronger when employees are provided with an excellent work-life balance.

Drop in Absenteeism

Another added benefit of offering employees flexible holiday hours is that your company will experience a drop in absenteeism. Employees will not find any reason to call out of work on random days because they need to get stuff done at home prior to their holiday celebrations. When they are offered flexible hours, they can spend those extra hours out of work preparing for guests and celebrations.

Lower Stress Levels for Employees

Your employees will also have lower stress levels when they are offered flexible holiday hours. Their stress will drop because they can stop worrying about when they will be able to take care of all their work at home.

Flexible holiday hours can help to improve your office morale almost immediately because your employees will be more relaxed and happier. They will also have more time to focus on work when they can stop worrying about what needs to get done at home.

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