With the holiday season upon us, it is time to create a wish list. We are going to discuss a different type of wish list in this post, specifically one that is career centered. We will also look at just one specific item from the wish list; business referrals. Strong referrals are incredibly important in today’s business world because they can potentially make or break your chances of getting a job or promotion.

Here’s where to start focusing on what counts this year for your business or career:

Just Ask!

One of the first things you need to do is get over your fear of asking someone for a business referral and just do it! When you build-up enough strength to finally ask for a referral, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. The sad truth is, if you do not ask for a referral, you will not get one out of the blue. There is nothing wrong with asking, and if you are declined, get back up again and ask someone else.

Help Others Help You

An important thing that you must remember is that you should help others help you. When you ask for a business referral, the best way to make it strong is by helping others understand what it is you need. You need to explain to the referral what you are looking for in terms of a new job or a promotion. Or, if you are looking for a referral to a new client, you need to explain why you want to be connected to this specific client.

Thank Referrals

One way to obtain strong referrals is by thanking those who have already referred you in the past. Make a quick thank-you phone call to someone who has referred you and they will do it again for you in the future. They might tell a co-worker that you thanked them and that co-worker could wind-up referring you for a job or a client too.

Join Business Associations

Another option for gaining strong referrals is to join business associations. These associations will provide you with chances to meet new people, expand your network, and then build relationships that could turn into referrals down the road. You should join two types of associations; one that is directly related to your business and one that is a general business association.

Provide Referrals

An excellent way to acquire strong referrals is by offering referrals yourself to others. Reciprocation improves your credibility and might even earn you referrals at the same time. This will only help you in the long-run and increase your business acumen.

The business of building strong business referrals does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be incredibly easy if you go about it the right way. Strong referrals are an important part of the business world because they can mean the difference between success and failure.

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