Negotiating a salary is one of the most difficult things a job candidate can do during the interview process. Even though this is a stressful situation, you cannot let the stress affect how you negotiate the salary. We have put together some of the best tips out there on how to negotiate your way to a solid salary. Be sure to take notes so you can use these in your next interview for a new job.

Do Your Homework

Before you step foot in the company’s door for an initial interview, you must do your homework. Find out as much about the company, the position for which you are interviewing and what the company does in its industry. You also need to figure out what the salary norms are for the job in the industry. You should even find salary information for the city in which the job will be held so you come with plenty of firepower for the salary negotiation.

Never Shortchange Yourself

One thing that you must keep in mind when negotiating a salary is that you should never shortchange yourself during the process. Being eager to work for the company, or to hold the title for which you are applying, can wind up blinding you in the salary negotiation process.

A hiring manager will not offer the candidate the best salary package right off the bat. The hiring manager will be working with a salary range that has already been budgeted for the job. This means that they want to offer a lower number to start in the event that the candidate is ready to negotiate their salary.

Think About Other Perks

As you prepare to negotiate your salary, you must also take into consideration some other perks offered by the company. Your salary does not have to contain just money in your paycheck. It should also include perks the company is offering.

Some of those perks could include shares, stocks, additional vacation time, the ability to work from home, free cell phone, membership fees to professional organizations and much more.

Never Let Unemployment Change Your Stance

If you are unemployed while trying to negotiate salary, this can cause you to accept a less-than-stellar offer. Never let unemployment change your stance or idea as to what salary you require to accept the offer of employment.

Unemployment will not put you in a state of desperation either. The employer will not be thinking about this when negotiating a salary with you. Instead, they will be focused on what you bring to the company.

Always Emphasize Value

Another important tip for negotiating your salary is that you must emphasize your value. You are in this position because of your resume and your interview performance. Now, you must provide the employer with stories that back up what is on your resume.

Negotiating your salary is not for the faint of heart, but it can be done when you put the tips outlined in this post into action. If you want to have a partner helping you along the process of finding a new job, contact the career experts at TempStaff. They know how to negotiate salaries, and can negotiate on your behalf!

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