Wellness in the workplace is important, whether you employ part-time, full-time or temporary workers. You want your employees to be as healthy as possible, even while on the job. Many companies offer their employees wellness incentives to keep them healthy and enjoying life. If you operate a temporary workforce, there are three ways that your company can stress wellness to temp workers.

#1 Awareness of Staying Healthy

Companies want all of their workers to be healthy, which is why you need to provide them with better awareness of staying healthy. This can be done using pamphlets, presentations, or incentive programs. The pamphlets can be placed almost anywhere in the office, including the break room and cafeteria, so employees can read them when they get the opportunity.

Presentations can be done during work hours by medical teams, healthcare professionals or personal trainers. These presentations can teach your employees how to diet properly, how to build an exercise routine and much more.

The incentive program can be related to weight loss. For example, you can create an office “Biggest Loser” competition. In this program, the winner could receive a set of tickets to the concert of the year or other major events on the calendar. The program could also award employees who lose a certain amount of weight each week with a half of a vacation day or some extra money in a paycheck.

#2  Extra Perks for Temps

For the most part, temporary workers will not receive health coverage from the company they work for, even if they work close to full-time hours. Should they work full-time hours, they could be eligible for health coverage, but it would be provided by the staffing firm that placed them in the job.

For temps who do not receive health coverage, companies can offer different perks for the temp workers to be concerned about their health and wellness. Some of those perks include extra off-days, half-days, ‘summer Fridays,’ longer break times, lunch breaks out of the office and much more.

#3 Invest in Your Temps

When a company invests in its temporary workers, they are happier, which makes the office more productive. Employees who know they are an important part of the company will want to work as hard as possible to help the company succeed. You can ensure that this happens by investing in all of your employees, including your temp workers.

When it comes to temp workers and their health and wellness, consider paying for them to join a gym, to take yoga classes or to take Zumba classes. All of this will help them stay healthy and let them know how much they mean to the company’s success.

However you choose to bring wellness into the workplace, for regular and temp employees, remember that TempStaff, a leading Staffing Agency in MS is there to support your busines growth. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you improve your workplace.

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