Writing a resume can be a daunting task for some, especially if they are applying for jobs right out of college with little work experience. When it comes time to sit down and write your first resume, you need to have more than just your GPA to put on it. If there is no work experience to highlight, be sure you have plenty of skills to discuss or achievements from school to list. In this post we discuss three items you can highlight on a resume aside from just your GPA.

Special Training or Certifications

If you have taken any special training courses while in school, or after graduating, you should absolutely feature this information on your resume. Even if the training courses do not match the industry in which you want to work, it still shows initiative on your part to learn something new. Employers love to see initiative, no matter what it involves. If you hold any certifications, such as First Aid, language or Microsoft Office Specialist, be sure to highlight these on your resume as well.

Industry Awards or Achievements

It is always a good idea to put your GPA on your resume, but it is not enough. Another section that should be on the resume is that of industry awards or achievements. These awards can be anything given to you by a former employer, by an industry organization, or earned while in school for academic performance. You should also list any achievements reached while in school or on the job. These achievements can highlight a new procedure you created that has been put into action at work or if you have been featured in an industry newsletter or magazine.

Career Relevant Experience

As with any resume, you need to highlight career relevant experience, no matter how much or little of it you have. You need to list each company you have worked for, the name of the position you held, the years employed at the company and the duties you were responsible for while on the job. There is nothing wrong with having multiple resumes, especially if you have worked in multiple industries. You should create a resume that features only career experience from one industry. For example, if you work in broadcasting, only highlight work experience within this industry on a resume.

Job Specific Keywords 

Another important aspect of writing a resume is using keywords. They are just as important in resumes as they are in internet content. You should use keywords throughout your resume that are associated to your work experience or the job for which you are applying. When you use keywords in your resume, make sure they flow well, fit into the content and are written with grammar in mind.

By adding these 4 elements to your resume, you should find it easier to put your resume to work for you in your job search. Remember to also get registered with TempStaff for temp and perm placement in rewarding careers in the Jackson MS area. Give us a copy of your updated resume so we can help you get in front of the right hiring companies.

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