How do you handle texting and using your mobile phone while on a temp job? As a temporary worker, you may be moving from assignment to assignment quite often, and the policies regarding text and email etiquette will vary from one company to another. These policies will be different at every stop you make, but will likely be somewhat similar at each company. You need to learn the rules at each company so you do not make a bad impression at either stop.

Here’s what you need to know about text and email etiquette while working as a temp.

Keep Phones Away from Meetings

As a temporary worker, you might not have to attend a ton of meetings, but the ones you do attend should not have your cell phone in them. Leave your cell phone at your desk, turned off and locked in a drawer, so it does not disturb the meeting. An interruption from a cell phone during a meeting looks bad on any type of employee and just because you are a temp, it does not mean you are exempt from such etiquette. In fact, as a temp you should go above and beyond to not draw any negative attention to yourself.

Refrain from Texting at Work

You should refrain from texting at work at all costs. Unless you receive a ‘911’ text from a family member, do not constantly check your phone or send messages throughout the day. You should focus on your daily duties as a temporary employee and not what your friend or relative has to say about the barbeque this weekend. Contract workers might be looked at as easily replaceable at certain companies, which is why you need to refrain from using your cell phone as much as possible.

Company Email Client is Strictly for Business

It is important that you realize a company email account should only be used for business and nothing else. This means you should not send recipes, pictures, or chain mail through your company email account. It does not matter if you want to send these novelty items to co-workers or family members, a corporate email account is only for business material. You should also avoid sending a resume or job inquiry using your company email account. If the email is seen by a supervisor, you will likely be looking for another job well before your current one is scheduled to end.

Use of Internet and Email

During the workday, it is important for a temporary worker to limit the use of the internet and email for personal matters. It is not a good idea to browse your regular websites searching for funny videos, news and sports scores while on the job. You should also refrain from having your personal email account open while at work. Send all of your personal emails while at home from your own computer or your smartphone. When you use personal email at work, on the company’s servers, it could be seen by eyes that should not see it.

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