Working temporary jobs can be a blessing for those who need real work experience. No matter your situation or career goals, finding a temporary job does not have to be difficult in the least bit. In fact, there are options out there for temporary workers to use. The idea is to keep a watchful eye on new jobs as they become available. Whether this includes subscribing to job boards or working with a staffing agency, temporary workers have plenty of options out there to keep tabs on the industry.

Read on as we talk about ways to spot your next temp job:

Keep in Close Contact with Your Recruiter

It is important for you to keep in touch with the recruiter from the employment agency you are working with so you know when new jobs become available. Even if you are currently employed in a temporary job, there is nothing wrong with checking in with your recruiter. He or she will be able to tell you if there are any jobs on the horizon that will be hiring not long after your current position ends.

Subscribe to Job Board Alerts

Many staffing agencies have their own job boards for job seekers. These job boards also have alerts that job seekers can receive either via text or email when new positions are posted. As a temporary worker, be sure to subscribe to any and all alerts available from your staffing agency. This will put you ahead of the competition in today’s ultra-competitive world.

Use Forums

Job seekers can also use forums, such as Craigslist, to find their next temporary job. Some reputable companies use Craigslist, along with other job boards, to post their temporary jobs. Craigslist allows you to respond to ads using email messages, which means that you will not have to cold-call companies to find a new job.

Update Your Resume

The more temporary jobs you work, the more often you need to update your resume. With each passing temp job, you will gain more knowledge and skills along the way. Be sure to highlight everything you pick-up that is new each time you work a new temporary job. This will help you apply for some of the most coveted temporary jobs within your industry because you will stand out to potential employers. Make sure your resume focuses on your career skill set and is not a blow-by-blow of every single temporary job you have worked during your career.

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