Has your organization been experiencing low employee retention rates for a while? If so, this can be very frustrating because it’s overwhelming keeping up with the replacement process. High turnover is also bad for business due to the time and costs of replacing employees. It’s natural to turn this frustration into blame that’s targeted at the employees themselves.

But, have you ever considered that the problem of losing talented employees may stem from issues that exist in your recruitment strategy? In the days and weeks leading up to a resigning employee, there may be issues that have originated with their hiring and onboarding experience – factors that could be eliminated to reduce the turnover number dramatically.

Beyond Just a Paycheck – Retain Your Workforce

Here are some things you can proactively do to make your recruitment process better and result in improved employee retention.

Screen Candidates Carefully

Before you even think about bringing someone on board as a new employee, it’s up to your recruitment team to conduct thorough screening of all candidates. This includes all background checks, verifying all former employment, and confirming educational credentials. Candidates often lie on resumes to get the job, but only someone with the right skills and background will succeed in the job.

Conduct Pre-Hire Assessments

While candidates may seem to have the right skills for the job, there’s only one way to confirm this: with pre-hire assessments. Get candidates to take a brief assessment as part of the online application process or shortly thereafter. This weeds out those who will not make suitable future hires.

Use a Structured Onboarding Process

Studies have proven over and over again that when employees are brought on in a structured onboarding process, they have a better chance of longevity on the job. Onboarding gets candidates up to speed much faster, while giving them the training and support they need to be successful for the long-term.

Offer Above-Average Compensation

Keep your best employees on deck by giving them a reason to be loyal to your company. How? With above average starting salaries, benefits, and incentive plans. Use these to inspire employees to work hard for your company because they feel valued there. Then they won’t head for your nearest competitor.

Find Employees Through Better Sources

Use temporary staffing agencies to source a better type of candidate for your company. Staffing agencies have many connections for finding the best candidates and these folks will be more knowledgeable of how you treat your employees and what’s expected of them going in.

Give New Hires Tools to Succeed

If you want to keep your employees happy and engaged in your company mission, then you must give them the technology, training, and tools they need to succeed. Support ongoing learning and a commitment to excellence in the way you care for your human capital assets.

Using these tips can help your organization to retain more employees over time, while boosting performance and productivity. If you are looking for temp agencies in Jackson, contact us today.

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