If you are considering using temporary staffing to augment your current workforce, there are many benefits to enjoy from this arrangement. In fact, temporary staffing can help save you from the headaches and costs associated with recruiting in general. Hiring temporary employees is a way for any business to stay on top of human resources, while cutting down on the most time consuming aspects of recruitment.

Temporary placement agencies like TempStaff are accustomed to managing recruitment, from sourcing and screening candidates to helping onboard temps for both short and long term assignments. Even payroll and benefits administration can be managed by the staffing agency, so there’s less to worry about on your end.

Why candidate background checks matter to your business

Perhaps the most critical of these services is the employee background check, which can help protect your business from any risk. Why is this important? To understand this, let’s consider that hiring dynamics have changed a lot over the years. Since the advent of the Internet, social media, and online career portals; it’s not uncommon for individuals to hide things or outright lie on their resumes. In fact, a 2012 joint survey conducted by Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, and The Society of Human Resource Managers revealed that:

  • 53 percent of resumes and job applications contain incidences of false information
  • 70 percent of college graduates admitted they would lie on a resume to get a job they really wanted
  • 21 percent of resumes contain false college degrees or other misleading educational data
  • Almost 10 percent of a poll of 18,000 job seekers shared that they had lied several times on a resume

Obviously, the above statistics were from honest people who took the survey anonymously. Imagine what the reality of things is? There is a good chance that the people you are interviewing for jobs have fake degrees, have added the wrong dates and inflated their career skills in order to get their foot in your door. Don’t take chances and hire someone who isn’t what he or she represents.

What kinds of background checks do staffing firms provide?

The good news is that you can prevent hiring an unethical individual who may wreak havoc on your business. Staffing agencies routinely check the backgrounds of any individuals who they choose to place in a temp assignment. They do this to protect their clients and their agency from damages associated with a potential criminal or poor hire. Here’s some of the kinds of background checks that staffing agencies conduct.

Drug Screen – Most workplaces have anti-drug policies in place to protect their company from liabilities associated with this irresponsible behavior. TempStaff is the only staffing service in our market to conduct drug screens on all applicants.

Identity Checks – All employers are required by law to check the employment eligibility status of all applicants before placing them in jobs. This means they run social security and date of birth information through the Homeland Security E-Verify system.

Employment Reference Check – Routinely, staffing agencies verify the career histories of all candidates and confirm dates of employment, employment type, and rehire eligibility status. Before hiring anyone, it’s a good idea to make sure there are no discrepancies, such as length of service or job titles.

Education and Credential Check – With the advent of college degree mills, which are services that print out fake college degrees for a fee, it is important to make sure that candidates have proof of their education. Some jobs require a certain credentials and therefore this is an area that must be checked.

Criminal Background Check – Of critical importance is making sure that you are not hiring a criminal who could put your employees, customers, and business at risk. Criminal background screens are conducted by staffing agencies before any applicant is placed on a temp assignment.

Credit History Check – In some industries, credit histories weight heavily in hiring decisions. This is why staffing agencies can also conduct credit checks via a third party agency. This is especially critical in jobs that involve handling sensitive customer financial data.

Motor Vehicle Report – For jobs that require driving of company vehicles, motor vehicle reporting is critical. Staffing agencies can request up to 20 year MVRs for applicants, check for DUIs and other serious traffic violations, and assess applicants fully before placing them on assignments.

To find out more about the background checks that TempStaff can conduct, check out our FAQ page, then give us a call today! If you are looking for a temp agency in Jackson MS, contact us today.

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  1. Andrea Cotton

    I don’t have a picture ID yet. I have my. Birth certificate. My SSCard. And marriage license is that enough. I list my ID and have no funds to get one yet not until started working.

    • Jamie Higdon

      Hi Andrea! Please contact your local TempStaff office to discuss your options. We would love to assist you in your job search.


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