LinkedIn has become a leading social community for job seekers around the world. Millions of people have created profiles in order to network with others within their industry and to find new jobs to advance their careers. Even those who have been out of work can use Linkedn to find a job either within their industry or in a new one if they so choose to change their career path. If you live in the Jackson, Mississippi area, we have compiled a list of groups to join on LinkedIn when looking for a new job in the region.

Jackson, MS, Business Chamber

The very first group you should join is the Jackson, MS, Business Chamber. This is a private group and your membership request will be determined by the group manager. This group is a member of more than 1,000 business chambers online that you can interact with when seeking career advice or looking for a new job. You will be able to watch interviews with “New York Times” bestselling authors, attend online events and attend webinars hosted by business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Capital Area Human Resources Association (CAHRA-Jackson, MS Metro Area)

This group, also private, is for human resource professionals. The goal of the group is to advance the human resources profession and the skills of those working within the profession. The group offers lunch meetings, website information, legal updates and half-day special events. The group encourages its members to interact in an effort to improve the industry and make human resources an essential partner in developing strategies within organizations.

Rotary Club of Jackson, MS

The Rotary Club of Jackson, MS was founded in 1914 and it is the largest civic club in the Jackson, Mississippi region. This club helps members meet others working in and around Jackson, find new jobs, and even post open jobs at their companies. It is an excellent place for employers to post open positions so they can find talented employees.

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