Ah, lunchtime; the most important time of the day when you are working. However, if you are currently taking temp assignments, then you may not know the neighborhood well yet. No temp employee wants to face the prospects of yet another peanut butter and jelly sandwich eaten awkwardly in the company break room. That’s why it’s important to have a way to scope out the area to find the local lunchtime hotspots to spend an enjoyable lunch break alone or with friends.

Luckily, the wonders of mobile devices and smartphones have made it possible so that you can find a great place for a healthy lunch. Discover lunch at its best with these 5 handy apps for finding lunch near your temp job.


Working in the city, or anywhere new for that matter, can leave you finding it hard to make a decision on where to spend your lunch hour. That’s why Urbanspoon has made it easy to locate a number of choices where you can relax with an amazing meal. Look for places to eat lunch by price, food type, and ratings by others.


Locating a great spot to have lunch in your own neighborhood is something you know like the back of your hand. However, finding one when you are in unfamiliar areas can be a bit terrifying. That’s why this handy iphone app can be used to find the best lunch spots nearby, giving you detailed directions using GPS so you won’t get lost going to and returning from the restaurant of your choice.


When you are choosy about where you like to eat lunch, OpenTable is the mobile app for you. Use this app to locate restaurants by location, type of meals, and then browse their menus online for free. You can make reservations online too, just use their handy form to accomplish this. Use this app when you are asked to organize a corporate lunch for the boss at your temp job and he will be impressed!


For those on special diets, VegOut is the perfect mobile app for finding the best lunch foods. As the “vegetarian restaurant guide for the iphone, VegOut makes it possible to find local eateries that offer vegetarians and other restrictive diet meals. The app uses your exact location via GPS so you can drive around and find a place that strikes your fancy for a lunchtime break.


If you are in the mood to simply play it safe and have lunch delivered to your desk, or you are short on time and takeout food is a better option, use this app. GrubHub has become a popular way to find restaurants on the go. Browse through eateries in your immediate area and place your order right on your mobile device You can even save past orders so the next time you are in this area on a temp job you can relive the good times.

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