Job openings at a company come and go all the time, which is why you need to make sure your candidate screening process is top-notch. If you do not perform due diligence when screening candidates, whether they are in-house or outside, and then you will not fill the position with the best person possible. Should you not have the time or resources to perform the screening process yourself, the company can always use a staffing agency.

Create an Internal Recruitment Policy

Every company should operate with an internal recruitment policy. This will prevent department managers from poaching too many employees from other departments within the company and prevent employees from being held back from advancement. This policy will outline whether or not an employee must spend a certain amount of time in one position prior to applying for another one within the company.

Where to Post Open Jobs

In order to receive the highest amount of applications for the open jobs at your company you need to post the jobs in various places. These include break rooms, bulletin boards, and restrooms. The company should also send out a company-wide email with open jobs and what the employee requirements are for applying.

Weeding Out the Best Applicants

With each job opening there will be hundreds of resumes and cover letters to sift through. If the department head or HR manager does not have time to do this, your company should consider hiring a staffing agency to handle the screening process. Staffing agencies are highly experienced when it comes to finding the most qualified person for a position, so put your trust in them to handle your job openings.

The screening process by a staffing agency might involve quite a few steps. They include reviewing documents, the initial interview, a background check, reference checks, and another round of interviews. The second and third rounds of the interview might include a test, whether that be a writing test for a staff writing position or a hands-on test for a mechanic position. These can be performed by the company doing the hiring or the staffing agency, whichever you see fit.

Screening Applicants Yourself

If your company has decided to screen applicants for open positions itself, then a process should be determined. Make sure the company delegates which employees will be handling the interviews, which employees will be reviewing the resumes, and which employees will be administering any tests issued to applicants.

As an HR manager, you can create questions that you want asked and assign them to the employees who will be conducting the interviews. This can make your job much easier when it comes to deciding who will be hired for the position. Consider creating an evaluation form for each job the company has. The form should be filled out by interviewers each time they interview a candidate for an open position.

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