Have you ever encountered a job that you wanted very badly, but because you lacked the required training and credentials, you simply were not eligible for consideration? Maybe you have limited work experience or in the middle of a career change – making it difficult to demonstrate your ability to do the job well.

This actually happens to a lot of job seekers who are trying to go after the best jobs in their career path. Without the advantages of real-world job experience or the expense of training and education, it can be difficult to gain this knowledge.

Getting Training on the Job

Fortunately, there is another viable way to earn the experience and skills you need to pursue your career dreams. By working on contract for a temporary staffing agency, you can easily find ways to gain the career training you need to succeed. And the best part of working as a temp – it’s free career training!

How to Use a Temp Assignment to Get Training You Need

Read on to learn of some ways to make the most of your temporary assignment and the training opportunities available to you.

  • Ask About Training at the Temp Agency – A good number of temporary staffing agencies offer some level of training before and during the time you are contracted with them. For example, you may have access to online training on a variety of work related skills, software products, and even certifications you can earn while you work. When registering with a temp agency, ask your recruiting representative about job training.
  • Seek On the Job Learning – When you take on a new temp assignment, there will be plenty of ways to learn new skills and concepts at work every day. Take the time to be an active learner, asking good questions and taking on new projects while on assignment. Express your interest in learning and earning certificates of achievements and you may be put into classes or included in on-the-job training sessions while there.
  • Get Training Through Peers – The people you meet at your new temp assignment will be more than happy to mentor you as they may eventually be on your team. If you need to brush up on a few skills, don’t be afraid to shadow others and ask someone there who is great at something to tutor you on a particular skill. After all, your temp job can only be successful when you are brought up to speed quickly.
  • Include Temp Jobs on Your Resume – When you work with a temporary agency, never discount the experience you’ve gained as a result. Take an inventory of all the new skills you’ve learned and especially take note of any skill gaps you still have at the end of the assignment. Then seek out ongoing temporary assignments that offer you the chance to work on developing those skills so you can include them on your professional resume.

Learning of new skills and earning credentials takes time. With the help of temporary jobs, you can accomplish this while you are earning a paycheck.

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