Getting a temp to perm job is a great opportunity to grow in your career. Not only are you earning a paycheck, but you are keeping your skills fresh and making new industry contacts. The first step to getting a temp to perm job is to register with a quality temporary service that works with businesses in your target industry and region.

Look for temp jobs in the retail, seasonal, customer service, administrative, technical, and hospitality areas – which are the types of assignments that typically end up being permanent jobs later on. If you’ve already been assigned to a temporary job and you are hoping that it will become a permanent one, there are some things you can do to position yourself for success.

Apply Before Peak Seasons to Secure a Temp to Perm Assignment

When looking for a temp to perm job, your goal is to apply as early as possible in order to secure your placement before the busy season starts. Consider that in the retail and hospitality markets, and for customer service jobs this could be as early as September for holiday hiring.

Go Into the Temp Job with a Positive Attitude and Goals

Some job seekers treat a temporary assignment as not very serious, but this is a mistake. Every job is something to appreciate. A good attitude and goals are what can set you apart from other workers. You never know when a supervisor or customer may recommend you for a better job or even a raise in pay.

Express Your Interest in a Permanent Assignment Early

While many temp assignments are set up to be short-term, you can often gain a permanent job at the company simply by expressing your interest in working for the company once your temp job has been completed. Let the recruiter know your wishes and talk to the onsite HR representative about your career goals.

Follow All the Rules and Keep It Professional on the Job

To put yourself into a good position to inquire about permanent placement, you will want to do your best to follow all the rules, including those set forth by the temporary agency and the company handbook. Arrive at work for your shifts early, dressed appropriately, and work hard. Your efforts will pay off.

Embrace New Tasks and Learning in Your Temp Assignment

On the temporary assignment, you will probably be presented with challenging new tasks and skills to learn. Embrace this experience and try to grasp new concepts quickly and put them to work well. You will become a go-to person that the company will want to keep around.

Become a True Team Player and Part of the Corporate Culture

Your best bet when approaching a temp to perm job is to consider yourself a part of the team you are assigned to. Get to know your co-workers and customers well. Be respectful and learn who the leaders are. Blend in with the corporate culture and pretty soon you will have an opportunity to stay there permanently.

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