It’s not uncommon for Facebook to add new features and make not-so-subtle changes in the middle of the night in order to stay competitive in the social media industry. After all, it was Facebook that originally took social media to the next level, so they have to continually raise the bar.

Transforming Facebook into a Better Career Tool

In their most recent bold move, Facebook added a section for users to provide their professional skills as part of their personal profiles. This has created a buzz for both job seekers and recruiters alike, because it now makes all user profiles searchable by these professional skills. Facebook has now become a virtual database of work skills and talent, to compete with the format of LinkedIn and many of the world’s largest career portals.

Now, when users log into Facebook they can go into their personal profile to make edits (currently found directly under each user name on the main home page) and under Work and Education section the new Professional Skills category is available. Users are able to choose from thousands of job skill classifications that are currently listed as interests in Facebook.

The Professional Skills section on Facebook looks like this:

Facebook Professional Skills Category

Why is this a good thing for recruiters?

The new Professional Skills section adds a new layer of searchability to Facebook. Now, whenever a recruiter wants to find users who have specialized skills, they can do so by simply typing the skill keywords into the main Facebook search engine. For example, a search for “blogger” turns up 1,757 results for users who have indicated in their Professional Skills sesction that they have experience with Blogger (a free platform for those who write blogs). Facebook Search Results for Bloggers

This makes it a lot easier and direct than having to search through Facebook groups or industry pages to find suitable candidates for client assignments. Once search results are populated, there is a listing of related people, groups, and pages any recruiter can access to find great people.

Why is this a good thing for job seekers?

Having the ability to add your Professional Skills to your profile increases the likelihood that someone will be able to find you based on your work skills and interests. The smart job seeker can leverage this category to get in front of more recruiters and companies who may be looking for new talent. Likewise, the Work and Education section adds credentials to the user profile, which mimics in a snapshot format the professional resume look of LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.

Now your Facebook profile becomes more of a way to connect with peers and hiring companies based on these criteria. Facebook can also become part of your personal branding as a working professional, with the ability for you to demonstrate your skills and value all in one simple location.

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