Nearly every job seeker understands the importance of preparing for interviews. Walking into an interview with self-confidence and the ability to answer questions effectively can lead to a new career opportunity. Not being prepared means being stressed out, nervous, and not having the means to adequately demonstrate your value to the person sitting on the other side of the interviewing desk. Therefore, you already know you need to prepare to answer the most common interview questions so you can shine in an interview.

Why Asking Questions in Interviews Matters

However, what many job seekers forget in this process is to jot down a few interview questions of their own to ask the recruiter. Why is this important?

  • There may be things that are not clear in the job description in the advertisement you need to understand.
  • You will appear to be genuinely interested in the job (not just a paycheck) and the company’s success.
  • Asking questions in an interview helps to increase confidence levels and portrays you as a real professional.

For these, and many other reasons, you will want to prepare a few questions for your next job interview in Jackson MS. Here are three suggestions to help you get started.

#1 – What would an average day be like in this job?

You will want to ask this question in an interview once the interviewer has introduced the topic of the assignment at hand. Asking what you can expect in the job itself can accomplish two things. First, you will get a better idea of what you may be getting yourself into in a new job. Second, it conveys to the interviewer that you are already thinking ahead and planning how you will do well in this job.

#2 – Can you tell me more about the company’s goals in the coming year?

Outside of what’s routinely published on the company website and in news releases, there may be some inside information you can gather about the business and the industry in the interview. This shows the interviewer that you are more willing to align your work skills and expertise with the goals of the company. Use this as an opportunity to go into ways in which you can help the company meet these objectives, with clear examples of work you’ve done in the past to support business success.

#3 – When is a good time to follow up with you in regards to your hiring decision?  

Many times a candidate is afraid of asking this one very basic question, but it’s a big one. Obviously, most recruiters try to wrap up interviews as efficiently as possible, as they may be in discussions with the management team about who is the most suitable for each role. Others may have a longer process that involves a second or even a third set of interviews. Understanding how this process will happen and when a possible decision may be made can help you be proactive as a candidate.

There may be other questions you can have in the back of your mind, and it’s OK to keep them handy so you can ask them. Consider asking things like “what are the next steps?”, “do you require any additional information from me today?”, or “May I share my list of references with you?” can also be helpful. Use your common sense and avoid asking about salary at first, unless it’s brought up and of major concern to you. Note- many recruiters will bring it up for you so you don’t have to.

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