Each year, millions of professionals around the globe make the choice to work on temporary contract work. These are everyday people who find it easier to manage their careers and locate quality jobs through temporary staffing agencies. A good many of these people have years of working experience that helps them get connected with a great assignment fast. Yet, another growing percentage of the workforce have limited experience because they have either been out of the workforce for a period of time or they are new college grads with only a few jobs under their belts.

How can someone with little experience get a temporary assignment?

You may be wondering how someone fresh out of college or a person with limited work experience can get a temporary assignment in the first place. This is a common concern that can make it difficult, but not impossible, to get a job. In fact, temporary assignments may be the key to success for anyone looking for the pathway to career success.

Here you will find tips to land temp work with little to no work experience.

Learn to network in your industry. Your first stop to getting a temporary assignment is to participate in networks that relate to the industry you would like to work. Consider being a member of local networking groups and business associations. Join online networks found via industry associations and forums as well as social networking groups.

Register with the best temporary agency. Take the time to explore the temporary agencies in your region and then get officially registered with one that offers temp assignments in your career focal area. Talk to the recruiter about your career goals and stand out from other candidates with a positive and professional image.

Use a functional resume format. Because you have a limited work history, you will want your resume to highlight your skills and abilities ahead of everything else. Take the time to write an appealing resume using a functional resume format. Provide examples of your top ten skills in your everyday life, and tasks you’ve accomplished. These can include any special software you use, freelance or college projects you’ve completed, and any unique hobbies you have.

Seek out entry level assignments. Be willing, ready and able to take on assignments at a moment’s notice, especially those that are geared towards entry level work. Call the temporary staffing agency at least once a week to keep abreast of new assignments and ask to be placed on jobs that are suitable for your skills.

Focus on learning new skills. Many staffing agencies and community job services offer free and low cost classes to help you achieve new skills and certifications. Take the time to participate in all learning activities you can. Life-long learners are highly prized by employers today.

Work seasonal assignments. You are likely to find that there are a high number of seasonal assignments available throughout the year you can take advantage of to earn work history. Try working in the retail and hospitality markets to learn customer service skills, for example,

Take time for community service. While you are waiting to be called for temporary assignments, take the time to volunteer in a cause you believe in. Many employers look at this as your way of learning on the job, and it will get you out and in the community in front of more people for career opportunities that otherwise you may not be aware of.

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