It takes more than just a generous salary and rewarding work environment to keep hourly employees on board.  High performance employees are looking for the total package.  Smart managers know that in order to improve employee morale and encourage higher levels of productivity from their employees, they need to develop hourly employee incentive programs to achieve these objectives.  Hourly employee incentive plans often run the gamut of everything from simple employee recognition campaigns to full on bonuses and employee celebrations.

1. Employee Recognition

Every employee appreciates being recognized for a job well done and you can use this as an incentive for your hourly employees too.  Create an employee of the month bulletin board in your company break area. Set up a peer recognition program so that employees can recommend others for perks and incentives. Make it a point to verbally praise hourly employees for going above and beyond their duties.

2. Free Lunch

What employee doesn’t appreciate a free lunch every once in a while? Set up a low cost catering program at your company and offer a company-paid lunch at least once per week for your hourly employees.  You may also want to stock your break rooms with low cost beverages and healthy snacks.

3. Flexible Work

In today’s hectic world, employees are looking for more work life balance between their careers and their personal responsibilities. You can create an hourly employee incentive program by offering flexible work options including flexible paid time off, generous breaks, and work from home options.

4. Wellness Support

You can start is a corporate wellness program to help hourly employees stay healthy and reduce stress at the same time. Not only can this be a nice incentive for hourly employees, but it helps to control the cost of health care insurance premiums and lost revenues from employee absenteeism.

5. Corporate Discounts

Chances are your company is already affiliated with many local vendors including wellness, service and technology companies, entertainment venues, and restaurants – each offering discounts and special deals. You can pass on the savings to your hourly employees through a corporate discount club.

6. Gift Card and Cash Bonuses

If your company has the means you may also want to consider a gift card or cash bonus plan for your hourly employees. Make sure your plan is based on fairness and performance measurements for hourly employees.  You would be surprised how much a simple gift card and a thank you can go a long way towards increasing employee morale.

7. Educational Incentives

Many employees also enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills and earn industry certifications. Make sure your company is supporting these goals with generous educational support in the form of tuition reimbursement and pay incentives for achieving these goals. Remember that this is a win for your business too as you get to reap the rewards of a more skilled hourly workforce.

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