When you are interviewing for an open position at your company, it’s a good idea to go beyond just candidate skills and experience. While having a relevant college degree and plenty of experience is required of your new hires, you will also want to be sure they fit well in the culture of the organization. This helps create a smoother transition because based on things like communication skills, character and competence, they fit right in and make it easier for everyone.

Learning About Candidate Characters

To determine if a candidate may be able to fit in with the corporate culture, start by asking questions during the interview that give you an inside look into their character. This means you are finding out if their personality, decision making process and work values are going to fit in with the culture of your business environment. Ask questions that may give you scenarios into a candidate’s character, such as describing a time when their trust in someone was challenged, how important personal accountability is and if they make a good leader based on making difficult decisions for the best of the company they worked for.

Priorities and Competence

Next, is to find out where their professional priorities and competences lie. Ask the candidate how they set their goals and priorities, if they can multi-task effectively and how they go about scheduling multiple tasks into their day. Ask for examples of how they showed they are willing to go above-and-beyond, and are adept at working hard. Also consider mistakes they have made in things like delegating work, and what they learned from it. Competence isn’t just about doing things right the first time; it’s more about being able to recognize their mistakes and move on from them.

Proving Consistency

Another factor you need to know about is whether or not their behavior and professional demeanor is consistent. This is going to prove that they are able to perform the same functions over an extended period of time. Some things to go over with a candidate can include: how consistent they are, how they maintained composure during difficult or intense situations, when they took responsibility for an error made and how they corrected it. You can also get information from the candidate about an uncomfortable or difficult working relationship and how they dealt with it, and why it is important to maintain a positive attitude.

Communication Skills

Finally, candidates need to have excellent communication skills, even if they don’t have a job dealing with customers or clients. Communication in the workplace is crucial for the employee, the management and how the daily business operations are run. Ask some questions to get an inside look into how candidates communicate, such as how they have sold new ideas to co-workers, how they corrected previous issues with communicating, and describe a presentation they had to complete and how it was significant in their professional experience. Make sure the candidate has the ability to communicate in both written and verbal formats.

With these types of questions, you can find out as much as possible about the candidate’s character traits during the interview, in order to determine if they are a good cultural fit. If you are looking for Jackson MS employment agencies, contact TempStaff today.

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