Standing out in a job search process is something that can benefit you as a candidate. Back in the 1980s, comedienne Tracey Ullman went to extremes in a hilarious television skit called Special Skills, in which she tap danced on the marketing manager’s table as part of a competition to stand out from other competing candidates for an executive trainee program.

While you don’t have to resort to crazy tactics to stand out in the mind of a hiring manager, you will want to make an effort to be memorable enough to get you called back for a second interview – and hopefully a job. Put away your tap shoes and try these tips for being unforgettable.

  1. Customize your cover letter and resume for the target company. As you write the cover letter, gear it towards the requirements in the job advertisement. Indicate how your unique skills and experience are the perfect fit for the assignment.
  2. Get connected with insiders at the company. Using your social networks and industry associations, take the time to talk with someone who works at the company and can provide a reference. Oftentimes, this can help you stand out in a positive way amongst other candidates who are not as connected as you.
  3. Put your best work examples forward. Instead of just presenting a resume with a list of your past achievements, why not try a little “show and tell” when talking with a hiring manager? Bring some of your published works or examples of work you’ve completed and walk the interviewer through your processes.
  4. Speak to the hiring company’s ultimate needs. As you are applying for assignments, take the time to review the company goals and any news about what directions the company is going in. Highlight your expertise as they relate to these goals and sell your full value to the hiring manager. Remember, it’s not just about you.

Following any applications, correspondence, or interviews with your target company; take a moment to send a handwritten thank you letter addressed directly to the human resource manager. This will help you to stand out and stay fresh in the hiring manager’s mind. If you are looking for jobs in Jackson MS, contact TempStaff today.

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