A corporate culture is more than just the image that is portrayed to the community. It has been noted that a strongly positive corporate culture can support long term success and productivity. Yet, many companies fail to recognize this until high performance employees begin leaving to pursue other opportunities.

If your business has been experiencing high employee turnover, low productivity levels, and below average recruitment results, the good news is that there are some steps you can take to improve your company culture.

Feedback Surveys

To get to the root of any potential issues that may exist within your corporate culture, a quick solution is conducting a 360 degree employee feedback survey. Encourage all your team to take the survey, ensuring 100 percent confidentiality. When employees know you value their ideas and opinions, this can be the start of a more positive corporate culture.

Compensation Analysis

A part of your overall corporate culture is having a workplace that fairly compensates all employees. Ensure you are paying competitive rates by checking your staffing salaries against compensation rates found at and the US Department of Labor websites. Try to stay closer to the rates that are competitive in your industry.

Performance Incentives

Giving employees the chance to experience the benefits of hard work and productivity is critical to a better corporate culture. Provide meaningful and measurable incentives and a pay-for-performance way of managing staff. Get employees on board with ongoing training and growth initiatives.

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