In the search for the best candidates, human resource and recruitment pros spend a great deal of time conducting interviews. Yet, after a while, this can start to feel like an interrogation of each candidate as the interviewer struggles to get to the core of each candidate.  Recruiters often wonder if interviewing is really worth the effort anymore.

Why is interviewing more challenging?

Job seekers are wise to interviews, having spent time researching and getting advice on how to answer each question thrown at them. In fact, there are entire websites and job seeker classes dedicated to how to answer job interview questions. Certain general interview questions just don’t have the affect or get the results needed to identify the right candidates anymore.

As a rule, however, asking a few consistent interview questions can be beneficial when attempting to locate the best candidate for each assignment. These are based on behavioral factors that are unique to each candidate. Try these for conducting more successful interviews.

1. What can the company leadership teach you about being successful in business?

This interview question can be asked by any recruiter to uncover what the candidate has learned about the executive team and the business mission statement. The successful candidate will be able to relate to the challenges of the leadership and respond with a meaningful answer.

2. Tell me about a difficult client encounter in your last job; how did you resolve it?

It’s one thing to ask about a problem client in a past job, but it’s another to ask the candidate to explain how he or she resolved the issue. Listen for an honest answer or if the candidate provides some generic response.

3. If you could be a super hero for just one day, who would you be and why?

This fun interview question is a great ice-breaker, but it also reveals much about the candidate’s personality. Adventurous and creative candidates will provide a lot of information when they share what super hero they would like to be and how they would save the world.

4. What would your peers say about you in your last assignment?

This interview question puts the candidate in the spotlight for a few minutes, asking the candidate to think on their feet. Understanding the relationship between work and interpersonal relationships can be a major factor when considering your corporate culture.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years at this company?

Taking this general interview question a step further can help you to understand if the candidate has fully researched the company or not. Select candidates who have aspirations that go beyond climbing the corporate ladder. Look for those who provide insightful answers about the industry as a whole.

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