Considering the use of temporary staff as your organization grows and evolves? A staffing agency does not merely provide “warm bodies” for open assignments. Staffing agencies offer multiple benefits to businesses, especially those in high growth or project based industries where employee turnover is an issue. Today’s staffing agency has a wide range of solutions to offer the expanding business, making temporary staff a vital part of your business plan.

If you are on the fence about the use of a temporary staffing model to manage your human capital needs, there are some compelling reasons you will want to review here. Then give us a call to discuss how TempStaff can help you meet your HR goals with quality temporary staff.

Save on recruitment costs. It has been estimated that hiring a single employee can cost a business as much as a half a year’s salary. Now imagine how this cost would multiply if you had to staff an entire department? Using temporary staffers means you have access to pre-screened candidates who are ready to go to work right away, and you don’t have to spend weeks at a time recruiting or interviewing candidates, which can save you a great deal of money over time.

Reduce time to hire. In terms of efficiency and productivity as a business, the longer it takes to hire a suitable candidate to replace en employee, the more expensive it becomes. To avoid this from adding up, temporary staffers can reduce the time to hire factor, meaning you have people working and being productive much sooner. You can also use this when adding staff for short term projects.

Increase candidate quality. In high growth industries or those that require specialists, finding quality candidates can be a major challenge. A temporary staffing model can put these elusive candidates within reach, because they are carefully selected and matched to your organizational needs. In fact, many temporary staffing agencies verify the skills, education, and personality fit of each candidate.

Eliminate other hidden employment costs. A major issue with businesses is the overwhelming cost of paying for overtime, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and unemployment costs for regular employees. Temporary staffers, however, fall under the responsibility of the staffing agency whom they contract with, so you can avoid these hidden fees. You can creatively staff even large projects with part time or 1099 staffers to avoid paying overtime and providing benefit coverage.

If you are looking for temp agencies in Jackson MS, contact the staffing experts at TempStaff today.

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