As a college graduate, you are probably aware that a low GPA can be a sore point during the job interview process. It seems to be the pervading idea with recruiters that a low GPA is some sort of sign that a candidate is lazy or hasn’t worked hard in their studies; therefore they may be an under-performer in a job too. However, the fact is very few graduates end up with a perfect 4.0, particularly when faced with difficult subjects in professional careers.

If you are worrying about a low college GPA in an upcoming interview, take heart – there are some ways to tactfully explain this and end up with a great new job.

  1. Admit that you are not a good test taker.  The vast majority of college graduates end up with low college GPAs simply because they did not do well on tests. This is a problem for many college students who may have a learning style that testing doesn’t fair well with. For example, tactile learners do not do well with written or verbal tests; they do better with hands-on demonstration of their skills.
  2. Highlight your other industry-relevant achievements.  A career is not based on a GPA; it’s based on your unique skill-sets and accomplishments. Be sure to play all your credentials up on your resume, cover letter, and when interviewing. Bring up any awards or community recognition you have earned. Show any advanced certifications you have achieved.
  3. Bring your written work and educational references.  Just as a business knows how to use client testimonials to prove worth, so too can you show your worth to a potential employer. Be sure to bring 3-5 written letters of recommendation from your colleagues, any college professors who know you well, and former employers.

Remember, the very fact that you took the time to go to college and earn a degree works in your favor. Walk tall and make the most of your skills, knowledge, and attitude when interviewing for a new job.

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