One of the biggest challenges that all job seekers face is standing out amidst the thousands of job seekers already on the market. With nearly 10 percent of the workforce unemployed and looking for work around the nation, it can seem impossible to get noticed by the best hiring managers. It seems like a resume just doesn’t cut it anymore.

In tough times, the smart job seeker must take steps to rise above and become memorable to recruiters. There are several ways to do this, and do this well enough to get asked for more interviews and eventually get a great job offer.

Use paper resumes and go digital!

A single advertised job opening can generate hundreds, if not thousands of applications and resumes from hungry job seekers. People have gotten accustomed to printing out resumes and mailing them in, or simply emailing every company they can think of with a copy of their resume. This just doesn’t work anymore because hiring managers don’t have time to sift through all this paperwork, let alone open an envelope. Instead, create an online version of your resume and distribute it to all the resume databases you can. Make sure it’s well-written, has a stand out design, and gets to the point by highlighting your top skills.

It’s all about the networking

Getting noticed as a job seeker often comes down to knowing the right people and getting referrals from people in your community. Less than 20 percent of the actual open jobs are ever advertised, the rest come from word-of-mouth. Take advantage of this factor and get involved with career support groups, local business networks, online industry groups, and professional social networks.

Take temporary assignments

While you are looking for that dream job, why not take the time to explore the world of temping? There are a wide range of opportunities and assignments available through temporary staffing agencies. Plus, you can keep your job skills fresh and earn some income while you interview for full time assignments. In many cases, you may be asked to come on permanently or the on-site manager may refer you to a colleague for a better assignment if you perform well.

Develop your personal brand

You can stand out as a knowledgeable and preferred candidate simply by creating a brand for yourself that speaks to your expertise. Create a blog and start writing abbot your knowledge and experience in your chosen field. Get active on professional social networks, groups, and forums. Remember to get noticed means you must make an effort to BE VISIBLE. Your brand can help you do this.

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