When it comes to recruiting the best, hiring managers often turn to job descriptions to attract the best talent out there. Job descriptions are basic requirements and traits of a job, written in a format that explains the general expectations of any given assignment. However, it’s these same job descriptions that could possibly be repelling, rather than attracting, the quality talent that your company needs.

Here are a few possible ways that your current job descriptions may be turning away candidates, and ways to remedy this.

  1. Lack of a complete or accurate description.   This is an issue that not only makes candidates stay away, but can also create havoc on the job later on. If a job description has not been updated in a year or more, it’s often filled with tasks and requirements that are no longer relevant. This means a new hire may think he is taking on one job, when in fact, it’s completely different. Take the time to maintain current job descriptions
  2. Poorly written job description. Another problem most often seen with job advertisements is one that is filled with grammatically incorrect sentences, misspelling, and descriptions that make no actual sense to the type of job. Leave out the “snarky” or humorous content too. Job applicants can easily become turned off by these things.
  3. Scant information on how to apply. If a candidate cannot find a method for applying for the job, then it’s a major waste of time. Worse yet, including a broken link to the corporate career site, or instructing candidates to apply to an unmonitored HR email address. Remember, make it simple and easy for candidates to apply.
  4. No corporate culture information. Candidates today are looking for more than just a paycheck. They are looking for careers with leading companies that have candidate-focused corporate cultures. This is especially true for the younger generations who prefer onsite perks to other types of corporate benefits.
  5. Forgetting the unique selling proposition. In order to attract the best candidates, you need to be willing to share what makes your company better or unique for your particular market. This is your unique selling proposition and it what makes your company stand out.
  6. Including a compensation rate in the ad. If you think listing the wages for a job is a good idea, think again. Instead, keep this general and highlight the multiple benefits of working for your company. This will reel in better candidates who are focused on career growth, not just payment.

We’ve all made these mistakes at some time or another when recruiting. Take heed and do what it takes to make sure your job descriptions and ads are appealing to the best talent out there.

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