When we think of spring-cleaning, most of us think about breaking out the mops, cleaning detergents, and some good old hard work. However, spring-cleaning is not just for the home and it does not just apply to cleaning the building. It also means cleaning up your work space to be a better place to work every day.

Here are a few ways that you can improve your work environment and spruce up your own workplace.

Advocate Good Health for Employees

The spring is the perfect time to “shed the winter weight” and go forward with brand new healthy living standards. The main reason for the leading causes of premature death in the country can be directly linked to unhealthy lifestyles. Consider creating programs and incentives for your employees that will promote and bring awareness to getting healthy. Of course, these programs should be totally voluntary but this will show your employees that you are concerned about their health. Think of it this way; if your employees are ill, they cannot come to or perform optimally at work.

Update your Employee Referral Program

Studies have shown a greater sustainability among employees that were referred by other employees. This is a huge morale booster as well. Create an incentive for your employees to bring the best candidates that they know into your company. This brings the best people into your company and this cuts down the cost of advertising and screening people that may not be the best fit for the positions that you are trying to fill. You can even include a “finder’s fee” to reward your employees for bringing in people who stay for a certain amount of time. This creates a win/win for all.

Explore Employee Feedback

Given the opportunity, employees will gladly submit suggestions about making the work environment better. They are the ones that know exactly what tools are needed to allow them to do their jobs more efficiently. This can include a wide array of things such as getting new chairs, setting up the cubicles differently, or even adding a coffee maker in a different area of the office. They could be even smaller things like changing the temperature in the office or changing the frequency of employee emails. Just knowing that their suggestions are being seriously considered will make them feel like they are a valuable part of the team. Offer a gift card for the best suggestions to make them feel extra special.

Every employee wants to feel valued in his or her organization. Surveys have proven that being heard is just as important as the paycheck that they receive. Depending on the size and resources of your company, you may have to be a little more selective in determining which changes are feasible. However, the acknowledgement and the opportunity to make changes is always appreciated.

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