While many folks believe that those employees who are most satisfied in their jobs are the ones with high salaries, this is simply not true in every case. In order to be happy in your job, there are many contributing factors that must be met, and they have nothing to do with money. Being treated as a team member, valued for your contributions, and appreciated are all qualities that employees list as benefits when they are surveyed about their satisfaction at work. The same holds true for those that are unhappy in their positions, listing only financial rewards as the only job benefit.

How do you make employees happy without doubling payroll?

There are many ways to keep your employees engaged, interested, and looking forward to working with you for many years to come without having to break the bank to double the payroll. Although managers should encompass ‘common sense’ methods in their daily interactions with employees, they do not always do so. They fail to realize that it is the repetitive positive interactions and basic human communication with people that achieves the happiest workforce.

  • Clearly communicate the department’s vision statement, and the company’s vision statement as well as the actual definition for each. Clearly define the role that each person plays in the roadmap to success, and how they can achieve their goals.
  • Don’t assume that every employee has everything they need just because they do not ask. Take the time to find out what your employees want and need for the best job performance. Many times you will discover that there are easily accessible tools, resources, training, and support you can get for your employees to make their jobs easier and help them excel.
  • Keep the line of communication open and flowing. From memos, calendars, newsletters, training sessions, FAQ’s, brainstorming sessions, and regular meetings, your employees will be engaged with the department and company every step of the way helping them with questions, concerns, and any confusion they may have about something.
  • Everyone should be engaged. Find a way to get the team members involved in the decision making and planning processes. If they are invested in a project, then they will work harder and fight more to make it succeed.
  • Incorporate random acts of kindness in your routine, and coach for success with your employees. Give your employees feedback about their performance (good or bad) right away, so that they can either continue or correct what they are doing. Also share information, coach new skills and lessons to them for better results, and don’t lecture or criticize.

In the industry of Change Management, professionals have listed several things employers can do to keep employees happy.

  • Management shares information about upcoming changes.
  • Sharing the ins and outs of the changes to the employees reduces the personal anxiety many suffer.
  • Objectives are clearly stated to everyone, and anything undefined is explained in detail.
  • Getting departments to work together to achieve the vision by sharing information, instead of being competitive.
  • Saying “thank you” to employees, and recognizing them for their attributes and contributions.

Over time and practice, your employees should provide you with a decent ROI by working harder, being more productive, and generating good morale.

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