There’s a lot of talk these days about making sure candidates fit well with the corporate culture. This is especially true when it comes to recruiting for executive level roles. Since these folks are at the top of the food chain, it’s critical that they demonstrate the ability to merge with existing cultural values and the mission of the companies for which they will ultimately lead others.

A 2012 Forbes magazine article indicated that poor cultural fit is the number one reason why candidates fail in a new job. Corporate culture was defined as “Patterns of accepted behavior, and the beliefs and values that promote and reinforce them.” Naturally, if you want to put a seasoned candidate into a position of power within a client work environment, you want to be sure that the candidate will fit well with the corporate values and beliefs that are unique to the organization.

What are the most desirable traits that you should look for in a potential executive candidate? Here are the top 5:

Communication – To be a leader today means being a top level communicator, in many different formats. Executives should be able to communicate with ease in both written and verbal format, and use tact when speaking in front of customers and subordinates alike. Evaluate each candidate carefully for their speaking and writing ability.

Professionalism – There is something to be said for being a polished professional these days. Candidates who take pride in their appearance, in the way they carry themselves, and in how they interact with others are worth your effort. Even in the more casual work environments that have become popular with large companies, being a professional is key to success.

Lifetime Learner– Education us one of the pinnacles of success, therefore if you get a candidate who presents a portfolio of taking ongoing courses, you’ve got a winner. Just be sure to place the candidate into an executive role where he or she can continue to stimulate the mind.

Passionate – Leaders today must continually inspire their subordinates to achieve more in their careers, therefore assigning an executive who has a passion for their industry can be very rewarding. Your client will thank you for helping them to maintain high levels of employee morale, and for bringing a motivated candidate on board.

High Energy – Studies have shown that candidates who are energetic and have a drive for success will perform well in leadership roles. Look for executive candidates who have extracurricular activities that help them to reduce stress and maintain healthful energy.

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