Do you stand out in an interview or fade to the back? If you are an executive looking for the right job, the interview is the best place to make your mark. The point of this interview is, of course, why you should be the one to be hired out of all the other applicants. Sometimes, it is easy to stand out for the right reasons and encourage people to consider you for the position in a better light. In fact, if you don’t do it, you will blend in with everyone else and easily become overlooked. You don’t want to be the candidate who the manager says, “I don’t remember this guy.”

How to Stand Out the Right Way in an Interview

Here are some tips to help you to stand out in the appropriate manner. Are you doing so effectively?

  • Be prepared for the interview. This is the game changer. If you do not have information about the company, the industry’s trends, the products, or the company culture, you are going to blend right in.
  • Show how you fit the mold. It is important for you to show, as an executive, how you fit in with the company or the position you are being interviewed for. In other words, discuss how your leadership style, your management abilities, and your expertise can help the company.
  • Set yourself up with a story. In other words, you want to be able to talk about yourself in a story-like fashion. It will hold the other person’s attention better and provide you with a more memorable experience. You should have a few stories about yourself, your skills, those career-defining moments in your life and anything else you feel is valuable to your ability to fit into this position.
  • Make sure your first impression is a good one. Things like your body language, the way you speak, if you smile and what you wear, all contribute to the first impression the interviewer has of you. This can, and often does, sway the individual’s decision to hire you right from the moment you walk into the door.
  • Be you. No one wants someone who is trying to be someone else – it’s the perfect reason to turn you down if they think you are hiding something. Don’t try to oversell yourself either. That can make the process even worse.

It’s important to be ready for your interview if you want to stand out. That interviewer is under pressure to find the right candidate the first time. He’ll throw strange questions at you. She may be impressed if you can turn around a failed interview in the same fashion as a failed sales meeting. Show what you have and why you are the best for the job. Being memorable may make all of the difference in whether or not you get the callback.

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