As a hiring manager or recruiter, you may have heard the terms “corporate brand”  and “employment brand” thrown around a lot lately. This basically means the image that your company is projecting to potential clients and to job seekers in your market. Yet, how important is this image when it comes to attracting suitable candidates to come work for you? The answer may surprise you.

Does corporate branding affect candidate behavior?

Over the last few years, a number of research firms have conducted surveys to better understand the behavior of job seekers. In 2012, the search engine giant, Google, provided some insight into the search behavior of the average consumer, including those looking for work opportunities. “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth,” a popular handbook was released to give online recruiters a chance to see how much brand affects the decision to apply for certain jobs. This information provided more insight that showed consistently that the way in which a company’s brand is perceived by candidates does affect the decision to apply for a specific company over another.

For many job seekers, there is a limited scope of information available in the form of job postings, website content, and reputation in the industry. How much information is put out there can impact their ability to find out about your job openings and opportunities. Your employment brand can indicate if they will be a good fit for your corporate culture, or not. This brand can also attract candidates who are searching for new options in employment, such as flexible work arrangements or contract jobs.

What are some focus areas you should develop in your employment brand?

First, you should work on establishing a well-organized system for advertising your job postings, and accepting applications. You can work with TempStaff to help with this process, as they have access to recruitment resources.

Second, you should streamline your marketing so that you have a relevant image to show the world. This can be your website, your logo, and your career portal. Share your company story, the benefits of working for your business, and the highlights of life at your business.

Lastly, hire employees who are a good fit for your culture, not just based on skills or education alone. Hire for personality and accomplishments too. This will help you to grow your brand and help bring in referrals from similar employees. If you are looking to contact Staffing Agencies in Jackson, MS, look no further. TempStaff is the top agency with the most experienced staff in Mississippi/

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