It’s hard to imagine what the job scene will look like in 2020, but as a business you do need to stay ahead of market trends. In the next decade, there will be many new jobs and many obsolete jobs created by technology and industry changes. This means the way in which your employees perform tasks today may be vastly different or modified by the year 2020.

So, let’s take a sneak peak at what the experts are predicting as the leading careers in ten years. But first, it’s time to review what the employment trends look like.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated in their 2012 Fastest Growing Occupations  guide  that more than half of the 20.5 million new jobs created by 2020 will consist of roles in professional and business services, technology, healthcare, social assistance, and the energy and construction fields.

The Brookings Institution has also compiled a listing of what they believe will be the hottest jobs by 2020, based on the growth and educational levels of specific urban areas in the U.S.A. Their reports come very close to matching the BLS statistics, with careers in technology, engineering, information management and healthcare leading the way.

Add to these estimates the more than 30 million workers who will be retiring from the workforce, and you can imagine that there will be a great deal of opportunities across multiple industries. The population as a whole is growing older and there has been another baby boom during this generation, meaning there will be additional roles to fill in healthcare, personal care, education, assisted living, insurance sales, drug research, and retirement services.

It’s clear that some of the top jobs in 2020 will most likely be these:

  • Physician Assistants and Nurses
  • Biomedical Engineers and Techs
  • Software and Web Development Engineers
  • Information and Design Architects
  • Food and Drug Scientists and Techs
  • Meeting and Event Planners
  • Business Development Directors
  • Robotics and Manufacturing Engineers
  • Aerospace and Artificial Intelligence Technologists
  • Construction and Development Engineers
  • Personal Care Aids and Home Service Providers
  • Insurance and Benefit Representatives
  • Communication and Marketing Managers
  • Online Learning Instructors and Teachers

While this is a general list of the types of careers you can expect to see around by the year 2020, you will also see some go away as technology replaces some human tasks. The workplace will be safer, and employees will have the advantage of more virtual learning opportunities to become proficient in their roles. The worker of the future has a lot to look forward to.

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