What does it take to be a great leader today? Besides seasoned interpersonal skills, career experience and above-average credentials, there’s a lot to be said for personal charisma. This is the quality that most, if not all, of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and business leaders possess–that magnetic charm that draws people in to learn more.

The question remains: how do you develop your personality so that you can be seen as a true leader in your field? Being able to attract others in a positive way can help your business thrive as you bring on new clients, and new employees. The answer to how you become more charismatic may actually surprise you.

How Charisma Develops in Business Leaders

There is a common belief among rising leaders that charisma is something you are either born with or you’re not. This is simply not true at all. In fact, charisma is something you develop as you become knowledgeable in your particular industry or passion. It grows out of the way you relate to other people and value what they have to say and what they bring to the table.

Being a leader today is challenging in and of itself, because of the complex ways in which information and knowledge is delivered. Yet, it is also an ideal time to be a leader because there are so many ways to be known by your peers. For example, in the past, leaders were limited by the people they were able to influence in their immediate circles of friends, colleagues, employees and clients.

Now, it’s increasingly possible to be a thought leader among a number of networks, both in person and over the Internet. Thanks to inventions like social media and webinars, anyone can demonstrate their leadership abilities worldwide. This helps a budding leader to be elevated to almost celebrity status among those who follow a certain industry or topic. In a sense, leadership is a way that people choose who they want to be around, learn from, and respect.

In your quest to grow as a leader, remember the people whom you influence in an average week. Maybe it’s the people who work in your company, or the people you meet in business networking groups. It could also be potential candidates who are thinking about working for your company too. Contact the experts at TempStaff to help you find your next great leader today!

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