The years following a college education are filled with many new experiences, some of which you may never have dreamed of learning in your classes. The fact is, while college can prepare you to learn specific industry concepts, nothing can prepare you for career success like real-life lessons experienced on the job.

There are certain things that a college degree cannot prime you for. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you did not learn in college, and how to deal with them effectively.

1. A college degree is not a guarantee of employment.

 Just because you have put in your years of hard work in college doesn’t mean you will have multiple golden opportunities handed to you. You still have to prove to employers that you have what it takes.

2. Your college degree major does not limit you to only one job type.

Just because you have a degree in a specialized area doesn’t mean you are stuck with just one job type. After you complete your education, there will be a multitude of employment options available to you, some in areas you’ve never considered before.

3. A career is less like a straight road and more like a winding path.

When we were little kids, we decided what we wanted to be when we were grown up. Yet, the direction of any career is not always a straightforward path. Instead, your career will be like a well-worn path with plenty of bumps and trees in the way. It’s up to you to find a way around them.

4. Your GPA in college won’t matter a lot to potential employers.

Just because you breezed through your college coursework and final exams doesn’t mean you will be hired on the spot by companies. Most recruiters look for candidates who are both smart and effective problem solvers. This doesn’t necessarily relate to a 4.0 GPA.

5. It’s acceptable to try different types of careers to find the best fit.

Your college education does not have to be the defining factor in the type of career you choose. Instead, you may limit yourself and end up miserable in a career you hate. Be open to new experiences, try temping a time or two, and find out what career fits your needs.

6. Longevity in one job isn’t as important as the skills you bring to the table.

It used to be that you could finish college, find a job, and then be set for life. Not anymore. Today’s most successful individuals are those who focus on skill building and not on how long they stay in one particular company or job.

7. Learning doesn’t stop at your college graduation.

While it’s commendable that you’ve completed your college education, the real learning is taking place right now in your job experiences. Continue to learn all you can about your talents and skills, then put them to work in your career for long-term success.

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