You are ready to attract that top executive; the candidate who is going to help take your business to the next level. As you enter the world of hiring an executive, you will need to get serious. It is possible to lure in applicants that are seasoned and proven, if you provide those individuals with the best possible environment (often just a steady income with the ability to make a difference.). At the same time, the world of recruiting these individuals is far more difficult to navigate. You will need to attract them to your business by showing the executive you have something better to offer than what they already are getting. It is not easy, but it is possible.

The Tricky Employment Scenario

Right now, many businesses are struggling to hire even good entry-level candidates. The employment pool is watered down. If you are going to hire an executive to your company, the process will get even more challenging. According to, the consulting firm McKinsey & Co note that “companies are about to be engaged in a war for senior executive talent that will remain a defining characteristic of their competitive landscape for decades to come.”

Tips to Get Started

As you consider who to bring on board, do not shy away from attracting an executive, a proven, established professional with the skills, industry access and the knowhow to push your company forward. Do use these tips to help you to do it well.

  • Hire an executive recruiter. Ensure the recruiter working for you is someone that can do the job of attracting these higher-level candidates.


  • Provide opportunity for growth and a challenge. Often, executives do not need the benefits and the salary figures, first. They are looking for an opportunity to grow and develop further. You will likely pay more for these professionals, but someone with drive could help your business succeed at a faster rate and eventually, they will pay for themselves.


  • Know what you need. Rather than hiring just any person with an executive title in front of their job title from a previous position, learn more about that person’s skills and experiences. Are they a good fit for your specific business? Do they fit the industry, the market and the current challenges you are facing?


  • Do consider looking within your organization for additional talent. Sometimes, long-term training programs put into place within the company not only increase productivity and company loyalty, but they also help to deliver better long-term executives. They know the company well and have a vested interest in making it succeed.


Hiring an executive does mean you are going to enter into a talent war with other companies who also want that top notch candidate. However, by providing the right package – the room to grow and make a difference, a competitive salary and a long-term positive career outlook – and you are likely to bring in better talent every time. Be sure your job ads reflect the person you are trying to get, not just anyone with those skills to do the job. You may want someone well versed and proven.

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