What does your job posting say about you? Today’s recruiters have more challenges than ever. It is critical to create job postings that attract the right type of candidates. Sometimes the goal is to lure away that top-notch performer from another company. In other cases, you are willing to take on someone with little experience. The words used within your post will matter and will make a big impact on who responds.

It’s Not Just Post a Job and Run

One of the mistakes some recruiters make is posting job ads as a simple and direct way to get responses. It may not seem like you are going to attract or deter people with the words you choose, but this is very much the case. When recruiting, do not view a job posting as a simple tool to solve a problem. Rather, use the wording within it to attract the ideal candidate for you. It will cut down on the amount of work you need to do to find that perfect applicant.

Another mistake is just using any type of data about the company to lure in people. You may fall for the “copy and paste” option where you simply paste the company’s motto or business description and go with that as the main portion of the job ad. That is not enough.

What You Should Do

When creating job postings, then, it is critical for you to choose your words with care. The following tips will help you to do that.

  • Job search engines now make it critical that you use specific wording to lure in the right applicants. Use the terms candidates are using to find jobs in your field. Be sure you take into consideration the use of keywords in every aspect of the posting.
  • Do not undersell the position. List the requirements right on the posting. There is no point in entertaining applicants that do not meet the basics.
  • If you want to keep the name of the company under wraps, do so. You do not have to include it. However, what you should include is a description of the industry, business size or other information that shows that the business is a major player. Otherwise, you may miss the best applicants who wish to work with the big guys.
  • Ensure you are attracting even passive candidates with your posts. For example, if you stress you are looking for applicants with very specific criteria, you will lose out on candidates who would only leave the position for something outstanding.
  • Show them what you have to offer. Even if you do not state a salary number, do provide information regarding the benefits both initially and long term. Passive candidates usually jump for the long-term benefits of working with a company.

The job postings you make need to make a big impact with the right people. Choose your wording right and you will attract the right potential employees and fewer of those applications that just do not work. Need help with your job postings or finding the right candidates for each job? Contact the career and recruiting experts at TempStaff today for help!

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