While the unemployment rate, as of the beginning of 2012, hovers somewhere around 8.5 percent in the USA, there are many excellent candidates available to fill upcoming assignments. However, this doesn’t mean that recruiters won’t face challenges finding the right candidates for jobs, especially those that require specialized skills and backgrounds to help businesses recover from an economic slump.

In order to get the most out of your recruiting efforts, and to build up your staff to become a productive team, read on for some helpful recruitment tips for 2012.

Review and update all job descriptions. Over the years, and due to changes in any industry,  job descriptions can easily become obsolete or contain outdated skills. Take the time at the beginning of each year to review and update all job descriptions for the how’s and what’s of each job type. These descriptions will be the basis for your recruitment advertisements, so make sure they use the right keywords and descriptions to attract the right kinds of candidates too.

Start networking to find passive candidates. People spend more time today than ever before networking online and in local community groups. It is estimated that the average person spends 8 hours a month just on social networking groups alone. If you want to go after the elusive passive candidate to find those who have up-to-date skills your company needs, then you should be networking too. Use your business social media sites to attract and connect with high level candidates, then invite them to learn more in person.

Screen candidates thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than hiring someone hastily to fill a high turnover assignment and then realize that the person hired is a terrible fit for the job. By then, you’ve wasted valuable time and money to fill the position, and now have to go the extra effort to train or monitor someone who wasn’t right for the company or the team in the first place. Or worse yet, you’ve somehow managed to bring someone in who has a questionable history. Take the time to screen every single candidate before making job offers, and that includes criminal background, drug screens, and checking all references carefully.

Partner with a specialist recruitment firm. Take the time to talk with a quality recruiting agency this year—like TempStaff. Not only can you gain access to a huge number of skilled candidates in your specific industry, but you’ll be able to meet with pre-screened candidates who are ready and willing to go to work now. Instead of wasting money on ineffective job ads, put your recruitment dollars to work for you by partnering with a team of recruiting specialists who have your company’s best interests in mind

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