The world of business is going mobile. At least it is when it comes to the job search of today. The problem is that many businesses are not evolving quickly enough to take advantage of the technology that is available to them by creating apps that make mobile recruiting a reality of today rather than a plan for the future.

Today there are millions of displaced and out or work professionals exploring their employment options. Many of them are doing it on the go via their mobile phones. The catchphrase of today’s “mobile” world is “there’s an app for that.”

People have mobile phone apps that can allow them to turn on the lights in their homes and start the wash cycle on a load of laundry. For some strange reason, very few employers have decided to create apps that make searching and applying for jobs a friendly prospect for mobile phone users.

The truth of the matter is that smartphone users are on the rise. Many of them are much more likely to give up home Internet access in favor of keeping their Internet access mobile on their phones and mobile devices. If you really want to pick and choose from among the best and brightest out there, you’re going to have to make sure you’re getting their attention.

19 percent of people in the market for jobs today use their mobile phones and other devices to assist in their job search. However, only 7 percent of companies that are hiring offer a “mobile friendly” version of their career pages and fewer still actually offer some sort of mobile app to make the job search easier.

Here are just a few things companies could offer that would make the job search easier for the many talented tech-savvy job seekers in the market today.

  • Offer mobile job search apps
  • Send job alerts via email or text message
  • Offer tips for successfully applying to your company
  • Allow prospects to track the status of their applications
  • Provide data about your companies practices for recruitment

You don’t have to make big bold moves in order to make a big difference in the lives of those who wish to be employed by your company. You won’t need to line up a 24/7 tech team to work solely on this project. However, knowing that your openings are making into to the hands of talented people who have the necessary skills and qualifications to do the job well is a huge bonus that makes this all worthwhile.

Mobile recruiting apps are the future of employing top-tier candidates in your business. You widen your search net when you open up the job search option in this manner. This means that you’re likely to have a wider range of skills, qualifications, and backgrounds to choose from than if you had skipped out on making your job search process a little friendlier to this mobile world in which we live.


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