Your annual employee performance review is coming up. Is there anything you can do right now to ensure you get the results you want? Most employers make this a time to discuss both what you think of your job and what they think of the job you are doing. While much of the development of a review is done ahead of this meeting, you still have some say in what happens here. If you take the time to get ready, you could influence your promotions, raises or working environment in the coming months.

Tips to Help You Get Ready

Prior to your annual performance review happening, it pays to have a clear frame of mind. You do not want to head into the meeting unaware of what is going to happen. The following tips can help you to be ready for this important meeting.

  1. Be prepared with information. Don’t go to your review meeting expecting your HR person to provide you with every bit of information. Be sure that you have outlined your accomplishments in the last year. Have a list of things you would like to discuss andf suggestions on how to improve your role, too.
  2. Take a long hard look at yourself. A self-assessment right now will help you to prepare for what your employer has to say. This gives you the ability to know what areas your strengths are in while also knowing where you need to put more work into to be successful. Judge yourself as you believe your boss is going to judge you. You will be mentally prepared for the event.
  3. Know who helped you get to where you are right now. Chances are good you plan to talk about yourself and your own accomplishments at this event, but you also need to consider the other people who helped you out along the way as well. Be able to explain how you worked as a team and how the allocation of resources or tasks benefited you.
  4. Decide what your goals are for the upcoming months and years. One of the questions most asked during an annual performance review is where you would like to be a year from now. Do you want to work towards a promotion? Do you plan to work in a different department? By having these goals outlined for yourself, you can better guide your employer’s decisions about how to manage you. “Hey, Jack wants to work in PR. Let’s get him trained.”
  5. Consider your overall work ethic. Do you need to make improvements here? Do you think you are worth the attention you are or are not getting? During your annual performance review, be sure to stress your strong work ethic or be able to talk about the changes you plan to make going forward.

Your annual performance review may be nothing more than listening to your employer talk. However, many reviews are all about what your thoughts and concerns are as well. You’ll need to prepare by examining where you are right now and where you plan to be. Know where your weaknesses are so you can address them. More so, be ready to claim your accomplishments, too.

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