LinkedIn is “the world’s largest professional network”. That fact along with the resources the popular social media site offers really can enhance the abilities of any HR professional to find the talent their business needs. For those in the business of hiring others, there is no doubt that using this outstanding feature can change virtually everything you do to find the right candidate for your job.

Employer of Choice

LinkedIn allows you to do more than just list any job openings you have. Rather than just providing a location for HR personnel to connect with potential candidates in a job board fashion, this site gives you more tools to position your company. By becoming an Employer of Choice, you can do the following:

  • Create a home site for your business on the site
  • Highlight your job offerings
  • Feature key employees already working for you to entice applicants
  • Build an employment brand – what you are known for in the industry

You can take these simple steps on the site. They do not require extensive time or money investment to get moving.

What Is Employment Branding?

An employment brand is a new type of branding that has actually been around for years but just recently is being called such. In short, a business gets a reputation for hiring and that reputation follows them for years to come. It is often based on whom you are hiring, how you treat them and how bad your turnover numbers really are.

With LinkedIn’s recruiting tools, you are in charge of your employment brand. You can use videos, employee spotlights and even banners on your page to help showcase the type of employer you are to therefore attract the most diverse, ideal candidates for the positions you have to offer.

Your Content Adapts to User’s Profiles

Another interesting tool that this company offers is the ability to custom the experience for the actual viewer. When a viewer comes to your page on the social media site, they see information that is most relevant to them. This includes job positions and locations that fit their needs. It may include positions your company offers within their industry.

The page automatically displays the jobs to viewers based on relevant details in your description of the positions along with the profile of the viewer. This method also allows for top candidates in the field to learn of your potential position for them in advance.

The Key Benefits

LinkedIn’s recruiting tools provide a wealth of resource to HR personnel. Rather than wading through applications that do not fit the needs of your business or dealing with interviews from unskilled people, you get customized, truly authentic candidates that are the best of the best. This cuts down on the amount of time you are spending to get the position filled.

As an HR person, using LinkedIn to display available jobs may just be one of the best steps you can take to improve your candidate pool without opening it up to just anyone. It is more than just a job board.

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