When seeking IT jobs, it’s always a good idea to work with a proactive IT recruiter to land better work opportunities in less time. By working with your recruiter, you are likely to find top companies who are ready to offer you above average IT salaries and projects, to fully launch your IT career. The key to this arrangement is to see your IT recruiter as your ally, and to develop a close professional relationship with this person – to put yourself in the best position for a temp to perm job offer. Here are 5 steps to make the job of your IT recruiter easier, so you can get to work sooner.

Be a good fit for the assignment. If you want to land the perfect IT assignment, then you must be careful to assess your true skills. Don’t try to force yourself into an assignment, if you cannot perform the required duties well. By choosing to work only assignments that are worthy of your talents, you will place yourself in the best possible place for a job that will last longer than a few days. Plus you will make both yourself and the recruiter look great to companies.

Stay clear on compensation. An issue that often comes up in the temporary IT staffing world is when candidates try to fish for information about compensation, rather than stating up front about their desired rate of pay. Be clear with your IT recruiter what you would like to be paid, but give a range of pay so that he or she has something to work with. In most cases, your IT recruiter will negotiate for the best possible salary for you, based on your needs, in order to match you to the right company.

Be considerate with communication. Your IT recruiter has a great deal of responsibility, not only to you, but also to multiple clients and candidates. Keep this in mind as you start to work with your IT recruiter. Limit your communication to one courteous email and one phone call per week. On the other hand, don’t disappear or make it challenging for the recruiter to find you when an assignment comes open.

Keep your recruiter informed. If you are asked by a company to interview, and if you are also working with other IT staffing agencies, be sure to communicate this to your IT recruiter. Oftentimes, candidates forget that the recruiter is working hard to find an assignment, a process that can take weeks sometimes. If you don’t tell your recruiter about your own job search, you are likely to offend someone and that eliminates you for future consideration.

Refer IT talent to the recruiter. Once your IT recruiter has helped you to land a terrific IT assignment, be sure to return the favor by referring your skilled colleagues who are seeking employment opportunities. This will help establish you as a go-to person in your specialty as well as give you the opportunity to bring trusted colleagues on board the company where you are working on assignment. There may even be a referral bonus in it for you.


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