Steve Jobs, the founder of the Apple company, tragically passed away October 5, 2011. Within a few days, the innovative iphone4 his company had developed was released to the public. Over one million units were sold within 24 hours of its release.  This is only one part of the legacy of this business legend.

Steve Jobs experienced much success in his career. However this success was not always consistent. He never graduated from college. He was fired from Apple, the very company he started. Despite this, he was at the forefront of many technological innovations that changed the way business is completed. His story is one that should serve as inspiration for job candidates everywhere.

One of the things Jobs serves as an example is that it’s always important to have a goal or a purpose. Steve Jobs was a tenacious detail-oriented micromanager who was not satisfied with a product until it met his specifications.  He was known to work for hours on a project or product that he was developing. These goals could change depending on circumstances. What he showed is that people should have goals with their employment needs. However, change can happen and goals can be modified.

Steve Jobs maintained principles and values in what he did. He believed in what he was doing and what he wanted to accomplish. The same holds true to job candidates for what they want to accomplish. Having a code to follow gives the candidate meaning in their activities. For example, Jobs encouraged the belief to think differently and not to be hedged in by conventional means.

In 2005, Jobs gave a memorable commencement address at Stanford University. One of the points he made was about being fired by his own company that he started with his partner from the ground up. He showed that even if someone faces a failure or setback that there is always the chance to make a comeback.  A job loss or stagnation in a career may offer the opportunity for people to reinvent themselves and move in another direction in their professional lives.

In this commencement Jobs mentioned that he had developed cancer. He stated   “This was the closest I have been to facing death, and I hope it is the closest I get for a few more decades. ”  He mentions that time is life is limited and not to live your life by someone else’s thinking. He states everyone has the ability to follow what is in their heart and what they believe. Everyone is unique and has something to contribute to their community.  People should always be growing and learning and taking the time to find the qualities that make individuals unique.

We can learn a lot about our own career paths just by using Jobs’ example of a life well-lived. Make the most of your job search as you forge your own legendary life. Start your career path at TempStaff!

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